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Established in 2005 by Chef Sarika, ‘Culinary ‘n‘ Baking Arts Academy, (Noida/Mohali)’ has bridged the gap between the home gourmand and the professional chef successfully for more than 15 years. We are a training centre providing a professional yet informal environment for broadening your culinary horizons so whether you are a food enthusiast following your hobby or wanting to upgrade your skills as a baker to professional cake artist or planning to start your own home baking & cakes business, we have for you well researched hands-on & live demo 1-2 days’ short courses across a broad spectrum of Cake Decoration, Baking & Confectionery, Chocolate Making, Indian & International Cuisines, apart from conducting 7-14 days’ Comprehensive Modules in Cake Decoration, Baking & Confectionery & Chocolate Making. Our courses focus on teaching classic techniques as well as the latest trends. Here we share with you the secrets & joys of cake decoration, baking & cooking..!!  


Our Mission is “Creating Chefs” by providing the best of Cake Decoration, Baking & Confectionery, Chocolate Making & Cooking Classes, at affordable fees that will form the foundation of your skills. Our Students are our Priority and their satisfaction is our responsibility. We have envisioned and created our recipes in an extremely versatile way so as to make them easy to understand and implement.

About Sarika

Students learn under the guidance of Ms. Sarika, a high energy Chef and Founder of Culinary ‘n‘ Baking Arts Academy, (Noida/Mohali) with nearly 15 years of significant and progressive experience in imparting skills to her students in the field of Cake Decoration, Baking, Chocolate Making & Culinary Arts. Apart from possessing supervisory, analytical and research skills, Sarika has the ability of developing well researched, healthy and easy to implement new recipes for food enthusiasts as well as professional chefs. The courses and recipes are well researched, tested and carefully designed by her.

Be it the course outline, recipes or the methodology of imparting knowledge, she has been an inspiration for her students from all walks of the society including kids, college students, housewives, lawyers, doctors, public servants, home bakers, professional bakers, cake artists, school & college teachers and so on…! Today, after fifteen years of starting with just two students, Sarika has trained hundreds of students who are either professional chefs or home bakers or are running their cakes business successfully.

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