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At Culinary & Baking Arts Studio, we understand your desire to learn the most delicious recipes in the easiest ways. We have carefully researched and chosen the recipes which are not only quick to learn but also easy to make over and over again. Our objective is to spread the mutual love for cooking and baking all around..!!

We conduct a wide variety of baking, cake decoration, chocolate making, authentic indian cooking & international cuisine courses in Noida, Delhi/NCR.

We also offer different seasonal / festival special / weekend courses for Children, Teenagers, Housewives, Working Women etc.

As per the research and needs of the people, we have divided our courses into six main categories:

Courses Offered

Baking & Confectionery

At Culinary ‘n’ Baking Arts Studio, we conduct a number of baking and confectionery courses.

Cake Decoration

Be it Cakes with Icing, Fondant or Sugarcraft Cakes, learn the innovative ideas & techniques of Cake..

Comprehensive Modules

The Comprehensive Modules are very thoughtfully designed with an aim of “Creating Chefs”..

Chocolate Making

Chocolate is an incredibly popular food that millions indulge in every day for its rich, sweet & unique taste

Indian Cooking

We offer a wide variety of authentic indian cooking courses for a diverse range of audience

International Cuisine

The craze for International cuisines has increased tremendously during the last decade

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