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The heavenly aroma of a freshly baked delicacy, the buttery richness of perfect authentic indian food is fascinated by all but when it comes to preparing these dishes a number of you will run away from it. The shared love for food is faced by a major problem, we want to learn but we don‘t know where to go! Let us make things easier for you.

At Culinary ‘n‘ Baking Arts Studio, we celebrate the mutual love for cooking and baking. We have for you the most comprehensive culinary and baking curriculum that will help you polish your skills and become a master. Our objective is to spread the beauteous art of cooking and baking. We will share with you the know-hows and the knowledge you require to master this art.

Our Mission is to provide the best of Cooking and Baking Classes, at affordable fees that will form the foundation of your skills.

YOU are our Priority. Your satisfaction is our responsibility. We have envisioned and created our recipes in an extremely versatile way so as to make them easy to understand and implement. We will help you in learning various techniques of baking, cooking, chocolate making and cake decoration. You name it and we have it for you!
Cooking and Baking Classes
Cooking and Baking Classes
We have for you well researched, tested and documented cooking and baking workshops. Be it the course outline, recipes or the methodology of imparting knowledge, we have the best for you.

Students will learn under the guidance of Ms. Sarika, the chief cooking & baking instructor of Culinary ‘n’ Baking Arts Studio. She is a fully equipped professional for hands-on classroom training and cooking & baking demonstrations. The courses and recipes are well researched and carefully designed by her.

We assure you a wonderful time and experience of your life at Culinary ‘n’ Baking Arts Studio.
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